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Vintage Aircraft Services is a Texas based Aircraft service providing:

·         A full service Aircraft maintenance facility.

·         A restorer of antique, vintage, & classic aircraft

·         An experimental aircraft builder.

·         An aviation business that is dedicated to "Doing it right”.

Our facilities include:

·         Aviation Maintenance Hangar

·         Aircraft Sheet Metal Shop

·         Fabric Aircraft Recovering Shop

·         Aircraft Paint Shop

·         Aircraft Spare parts

Services we provide include:

·         Aircraft Annual Inspections

·         major & minor Aircraft repair

·         Fabric aircraft recovering (currently utilizing Poly-Fiber, Ceconite, and Superflite processes)

·         engine Overhaul and service

·         Aircraft custom built or restored sheet metal parts

·         Aircraft painting (parts, assemblies, & disassembled aircraft only)

·         Tig Welding

Our standard shop rate is $52 per hour with long term jobs quoted on an individual basis.